2024 16/17&U Development Program

Our 16/17 QLD Development Program provides a structured and supportive platform that focuses on refining athletes’ abilities. It will work to refine technical and tactical skills in a developmental setting. The Interstate Challenge exposes players to competitive situations that will prepare them for higher levels of play in the future.


  Event Details  

Location:   AIS,  Canberra                             
Dates:   13th -15th July, 2024
Target Age Group:   Born 2007 + 2008





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16/17&U Boys Development Squad

16/17&U Girls Development Squad

Adam Mullins
Alexander Doherty
Angus Carter
Bailey Harm
Boaz Yardley
Byron Hay
Charles Moore
Charley Hegarty
Cody Robinson
Ethan Keymer
Ethan Pulford
Finn Van Italie
Gergely Vinis
Hudson Dilkes
Jai Percy
Jayden Kamman
Jett White
Joshua Bowden
Joshua Ecroyd
Kealan McKissack
Lewis Miller
Liam Hague
Luka Boban
Nathan Gibson
Noah Longhurst
Oliver Bryant
Riley McPharlin
Ryan Allen
Sean Sutherland
Thomas Johnson
Wade Wildin Powell
Will Plowman
Willian Burgess
Xavier Coates
Zack O'Brien
Zsombor Polyak











Alana Taylor
Alice Victorsen
Amelia Killips
Amelia Schmidt
Arabella Templeton
Arwyn Freer
Caitlin Emmerson
Charlotte McMahon
Circe Ware
Claire Cameron
Edie Campbell
Eliza Evans
Elizabeth Koch
Eloise McLoughlin
Emily Doyle
Emily McPherson
Florence Hill
Florence Pothecary
Gabriella Frisbie
Georgia Moran
Hannah Howes
Holly Fleming
Isabella Cassee
Isabella Kearney
Isla Barry
Kate Peck
Lauren Carlyle
Lilah Borg
Luana Scott-Thompson
Luca Gibbons
Lucinda Batch
Lucinda McCann
Lucy Comiskey
Lucy Dobinson
Madeline Kendall
McKenna Simpson
Mia Byrne
Mia Doyle
Mila Momberg
Mili Holder
Miranda Wild
Nadia Comben
Olivia Hiscock
Phoebe Baker
Prue Dixon
Rosie Scott
Sarah Cockburn
Scarlett Baker
Shanti Gupta Orpin
Sienna Heidke
Taylah Nash
Te-Upoko Tereora
Zara Goff
Zarah Milligan


Girl Team Selectors - Megan Weir, Madi Wall, Fabio Pavanello, Georgina Kovacs-Muller, Olivia Di Clementine

Boy Team Selectors - Tomas Hladky, Andrew Carrick, Olivia Di Clementine

Girl Team Coaches - Zac Hudson, Megan Weir, Lucy Wolfenden, Mary Comiskey

Boy Team Coaches- Paul Rusnac, Dylan McDonald, Paige Clifton


All costs are inclusive of GST

  • Development Squad Sessions - $150
  • Development Team Sessions - TBC
  • Tour Levy - TBC

*Please note prices are estimates only and are subject to change


Participants' travel and accommodation with be arranged by Water Polo Queensland

Any questions, queries, or concerns please email development@waterpoloqld.com.au