Water Polo in Australia follows the rules of the sport as set out by the International Governing body – FINA. Click here for the FINA rule book.

National Rule Modifications

In order to facilitate skill development and learning progression towards FINA rules as well as to accommodate local event limitations such as pool space, modifications to the International rules are applied for targeted groups in domestic competitions.

Click here to see an overview of the modified sport rules and the rationale for their introduction.


Please refer to the rule fact sheet for the rules of non-traditional water polo products: FlippaBall Rules.

Beach Water Polo

Please refere to the rule fact sheet for the rules of beach water polo: Beach Water Polo Rules

Event Operations Manuals

Every event will be run according to a dedicated “Event Operations Manual” and updated on an annual basis to reflect how the competition/tournament will be conducted.

Event Operations Manuals will align to the national rules and articulate the delivery specific requirements such as competition schedules, event specific rules such as games times, timeout allowances etc.