Emerging Athlete Pathway Grant

The Emerging Athlete Pathways (EAP) program supports eligible young athletes, coaches and officials aged 10-18 years to progress on a development pathway by providing financial assistance to help alleviate the costs associated with attending state, national and international events.

Who is eligible?

Applicants eligible to apply for support are those who:

  • Have been selected as an athlete, coach, or official at an eligible State, National or International event
  • Have their selection/attendance confirmed by the relevant event selector or event organiser for their event
  • Are current resident of Queensland
  • Have not already been approved (or have submitted an application that is pending approval) under this program for attendance at 2 events (to either compete, coach or officiate) with event start dates within the same financial year
  • Are at least 10 years of age but under 19 years of age at the start of the event
  • Are required to travel at least 125km (one-way) from their home to the event location.

Events must be a Queensland State Championship, Queensland State School Championship, Australian National Championship, Australian National School Championship, or International Championship to be eligible. The full list of events is available on the eligible events list.


Applications can be made from time of selection up until 6 months after the event start date. Applications must be made using the appropriate State, National or International application form.

Please read the EAP guidelines (PDF, 333 KB) and terms and conditions prior to lodging your application, and ensure you include:

  • Event title as listed on the eligible events list
  • Distance from home address to event location
  • Appropriate selection documentation to attach
  • Bank account details of where the funds will be paid.

Selection documentation

Applicants will be required to provide documentation clearly demonstrating selection with their application. This must be clearly identified as being sent from, or published by, the event selector or event organiser, showing:

  • Confirmation that the athlete, coach or official has been selected to the team/role
  • Event details such as event name, start date of the event and location of the event.

Please contact Katisha Webb (katisha.webb@waterpoloqld.com.au) for the letter of support documentation.

Read how to apply to start your application.

What funding is available?

Eligible athletes, coaches and official can apply for up to two events per Financial Year (1 July – 30 June).

Event Amount
State or state school event $500
National or national school event $600
International event $800


More information

Submitting an application does not guarantee funding. Please read the EAP guidelines (PDF, 333 KB) and terms and conditions prior to lodging you application.

Contact eap@dtis.qld.gov.au for more information.