2024 13&U Development Program

Our 13&U Development program aims to create a positive and supportive environment where young athletes can gain expert coaching in skill development, physical fitness and building strong foundations. The emphasis is on individual and team development rather than the outcome of the competition. It is an opportunity to promote and reinforce the values of sportsmanship, fair play, respect for opponents, officials, and teammates. Our goal is to have all participants have an enjoyable experience in a national setting.

Water Polo Australia 13&U National Development Carnival

  Event Details  

     Location:   Tasmania -  Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre                       
Dates:   4th July - 7th July
Target Age Group:   2011 and 2012




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13&U Boys Development Squad

13&U Girls Development Squad

Adam Simpson
Aiden Durbridge
Alex Bowden
Alistair Healey
Angus Kolomeitz
Archie Mak
Archie Pejcinovic
Archie Sefton
Boris Vukelic
Braxtyn Truman
Cass Leary
Chase Cantwell
Connor Kamman
Cooper Hunt Sharp
Dominic Taylor
Edward Smyth
Eli Brunello
Eli Bruggemann
Elliot Pilgrim-Cowan
Ethan Debono-Gross
Fergus porteous
Harry Gilbert
Henry Juniper
Henry Victorsen
Hudson Lynch
Hugo Cox
Hunter Collins
Jack Barrett
Jaiden Taylor
Jake Watt
Kobi Ambrose
Kieran Stuart
Louis Taylor
Luke McCready
Lync Lauder
Mac Moore
Marcus Pavanello
Mason Leighfield
Max Bertinato
Max Hansen
Miles Easterbrook
Nathaniel Kolomeitz
Nicholas Bird
Noah Anderson
Oliver Backhouse
Oliver Thomson
Rory Green
Reggie Blatchford
Sam Hynd
Samuel Smyth
Sebastian Romano
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas Holdt
Ty Baxter
Victor Ivanov
Vilmos Varga
William Davenport
Xavier Lamont
Xavier Ringholt
Xavier Ringuet
Zac Stafford










Abigail Carter
Alessia Kovacevic
Alexandra Wills
Alexis Wiscicki
Alice Stuart
Anja Fludder
Anne Greenaway
April Hiscock
Audrey Hyland
Audrey Madeo
Ava Farley
Ava O'Brien
Bella Caligaris
Bronte Berry
Celia McMeniman
Charlize Willey
Chloe Rees
Claudia McCahon
Darcy Proctor
Eden Weir
Elise Lovell
Ella Lucas
Eloise Knight
Emily Cockburn
Emily Cook
Evie Morland
Fiona Bentley
Georgia Pettigrew
Georgina Hocking
Grace Brook
Greer Chenoweth
Harper Mcewan
Harriet Chambers
Harriet Winter (GK)
Isabella Robertson
Isobel Rogers
Julia Joosep
Kirralee Jones
Lahni Ellen
Lauren Larsen
Lily Gaunt
Lily Greenwood
Luciana Pickup
Lucy Corbin
Lucy Hawkins
Lucy Sparling
Macy Adams
Maisie Starr
Malia Knox
Mara Hoefel
Mary Wild
McAllister Lafferty
Mia Royal
Mia Wolf
Molly Gleeson
Molly Nunan
Nadya Chen
Olivia Guthrie
Olivia Kennedy
Phillipa Steer
Phoebe Robertson
Phoebe Guest
Rose Purcell
Ruby Roodenrys
Ruby Powe
Sienna Hansen
Sophie McCullen
Sophie Moten
Tallow Crouch
Vida Fisher
Violet Ellemor
Zoe Silver




13&U Boys Age Co-ordinator - Andrew Carrick

Head Coach                            Assistant Development Coaches         

Peter Bagster                           Mason Black

Aaden Staskiewicz  +               Paige Clifton

Andrew Carrick

Kai Marjoros




13&U Girls Age Co-ordinator - Zac Hudson

Head Coach                           Assistant Development Coaches                

Zac Hudson                             Maddison Wallace

Trish Steer                               Eloise Vincenzi

Lucinda Carrick                       




Selectors, Boys 13 & U (B'11-12):

Natalie Pavanello, Andrew Carrick, Aaden Staskiewicz, Kai Marjoros, Kelly Legge, Peter Bagster

Selectors, Girls 13 & U (B'11-12):

Lucinda Carrick, Trish Steer, Heather Belshaw, Mel Rippon, Megan Weir, Eloise Vincenzi, Mason Black, Toby Fitzgerald, Zac Hudson, Eloise Mullins



All costs are inclusive of GST

  • Development Squad Sessions - $225pp
  • Development Team Sessions - $300pp
  • Tour Levy - $1,080pp

*Please note prices are estimates only and are subject to change



Participants to arrange own travel and accommodation if selected for the National Carnival.

Any questions, queries or concerns please email development@waterpoloqld.com.au