All water polo teams need coaches - from junior Clubs through to senior and representative teams. Coaches play an important role in establishing environments in which all of our water polo athletes will thrive in. Being a coach can provide great fulfillment and challenge, while also taking you around the world as part of this global game.

How to become a coach

The first step to becoming a coach is to ensure you meet the Core Requirements, including being a Gold member (at minimum) and obtaining a Working with Children Check. Once completion of the Core Rquirements have been submitted to your respective State Association, there are a range of learning options, as outlined in the Learning and Development Framework below.

What is the Learning and Development Framework?

The Learning and Development Framework provides an overarching picture of the capabiities that all of our coaches and officials need to develop. By doing so, coaches and officials will be able to establish environments in which all of our water polo athletes will thrive in. See below the Learning and Development Framework.

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WPA Education Curriculum

The Framework will guide all of the learning resources that will be built, and made available to our members. There are many ways to tap into the learning resources and opportunities - these include face-to-face workshops, online programs (through The LearningPool), online resources (available via the links below), state based practical workshops and opportunities to share and learn with peers via the WPA Discussion Boards.

How do I complete, renew or advance my coaching qualifications?

The LearningPool provides coaches, starting out, renewing or wanting to advance their qualifications, with a one-stop-shop.

Check out the LearningPool today for all your coaching needs.

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