Are you looking for a sport you can enjoy with your mates? Do you love being in the water? Want to be part a Club or maybe event represent your country? Water polo is the sport for you!

Water polo offers individuals more than just a place to play sport. It allows players, coaches, referees and volunteers to be part of their local community in and out of the pool. To join your local club and get involved in this great sport find a club near you.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, you join your local club, giving you affiliation to your State and National Associations.

To find your closest water polo club click here. All clubs use Water Polo Australia's new membership portal, the WPA MemberPool for online membership registrations.

The WPA MemberPool gives members access to an online platform to manage all their water polo activity and allow members to see the fees and value received from each level of the sport.


Water Polo membership cost and benefits

As a member of an affiliated water polo club or school, your membership fees give you  access to a governing body representing and promoting the sport of water polo nationwide. As part of the responsibilities as a national governing body, Water Polo Australia has targeted five specific initiatives to grow and strength water polo which include, sports development, sports governance, digital services, insurance and competitions. More specifically it allows Water Polo Australia to provide you with a sport which:

  • Ensures the development and maintenance of sport rules, regulations and policies for a fair, safe and enjoyable sport

  • Promotes the sport though delivery of national competitions and events

  • Develops pathways and opportunities for all

  • Promotes safe and inclusive sport behaviours via Think.Act.Play

The national capitation fees are listed in the WPA Registration Policy. State Associations, regional associations and clubs/schools may add additional fees on top on the National capitation fee in order to provide additional localised benefits to you directly.

Water Polo Australia Registration Policy

Water Polo Australia has introduced a new national registration policy which will come into effect from 1 July 2018.

As part of this new policy, individuals will be able to sign up as a senior, youth, social, Flippa, school or supporter participant. While regional association, affiliate club and associate group are the three options for group registration.

The move will see it change from a State administrative model to an individual benefit model. This means that each individual member of the organisation will be able to see the fees they pay to all levels of the sport and what benefits they receive in return for this payment.

What do I get for my membership fees? - Please click here to view a full breakdown of how your fee is used to strengthen and grow the sport.

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