2024 Australian Country Championships

Published Wed 15 May 2024

The 2024 Australian Country Championships concluded in a whirlwind of excitement and fierce competition, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats as teams battled it out to see who would become the 2024 champions. With seven women's teams and eight men's teams vying for victory, the stage was set for an unforgettable showdown.

In the men's division, the competition was intense as teams fought to secure a spot in the top four. The semi-finals series in the men’s division had ACT, QLD Maroon, NSW, and VIC face off in electrifying matches. Following these two intense games it was NSW and ACT who emerged victorious, setting the stage for an epic showdown in the gold medal match.

The final clash between NSW and ACT was nail biting, with both teams trading goals in a display of skill and determination. However, it was ACT who held their nerve to clinch a thrilling victory with the final shot, securing the top spot on the podium.

In the men's division, the fight for the seventh position saw QLD Navy and QLD Gold Men locked in a fierce battle. The game went down to a penalty shootout, with an astonishing 11 shots taken before QLD Navy emerged victorious with a narrow 13-12 win.

Meanwhile, in the women's division, NSW dominated the ladder, earning them a direct ticket to the gold medal match. QLD Maroon and ACT battled it out in a fiercely contested match to earn the right to challenge NSW. Ultimately, it was QLD Maroon who emerged victorious, setting the stage for an exhilarating final showdown.

The gold medal match between NSW and QLD was a tense affair, with both teams giving it their all. In the dying minutes of the game, NSW managed to edge ahead with a two-goal lead, clinching victory and securing the gold medal.

In a thrilling contest, VIC and TAS battled fiercely to secure a spot in the bronze medal match. The game was intensely competitive, with TAS narrowly clinching victory by a single goal. This win set the stage for TAS to face off against the ACT women in the bronze medal showdown. Both teams displayed exceptional skill and determination, ultimately, ACT emerged victorious, claiming the bronze medal in a well-fought and memorable encounter.

Not to be outdone, the battle for the fifth position between QLD Gold and VIC women went down to the wire, culminating in a dramatic penalty shootout. In a display of nerves of steel, QLD emerged triumphant, securing the win.

Recognising outstanding performances throughout the tournament, a select group of athletes were named to the prestigious Tournament 7, chosen by delegates and referees. Congratulations to all the athletes who made the Tournament 7, as well as the MVPs for both men and women.

Water Polo Queensland were delighted to run such an exhilarating event and we are looking forward to the 2025 Championships.

Women's Final Placings

Men's Final Placings

1st NSW
2nd QLD Maroon
3rd ACT
4th TAS
5th QLD Gold
6th VIC
7th ADF

1st ACT
2nd NSW
3rd QLD Maroon
4th VIC
5th TAS
6th ADF
7th QLD Navy
8th QLD Gold

Tournament 7 - Women's

Tournament 7 - Men's

Eilis Rogis - #1 ACT
Dana Garside - #7 NSW
Leah Dodd - #4 NSW
Ellie Negline - #9 QLD
Claire McCulloch - #6 QLD
Katlin Davies - #6 ACT
Elma Brica - #3 TAS

MVP - Dana Garside - #7 NSW

MVG - Eilis Rogis - #1 ACT

Thomas Romeijn - #1 QLD
Brady Holmes - #12 NSW
Lachlan McLoed - #7 NSW
Hunter Wright - #2 TAS
Alex Patterson - #10 QLD
Nick Taylor - #6 ACT
Matt Wilson - #10 ACT

MVP - Matt Wilson - #10 ACT

MVG - Thomas Romeijn - #1 QLD