Table Officals

Officials are the backbone to any sport. From beginner programs to high performance, officials are vital to the sport at all levels. In water polo, Officials include the following roles;

  • Referees

  • Technical Delegates

  • Table Officials

All of which play a crucial role in ensuring water polo is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players. 

Being an official can provide great fulfillment while also taking you around the world as part of this global game. It is a critical role which ensures games can be played successfully and in the right spirit. The Water Polo Australia accreditation courses provide a common standard of foundation knowledge for all Officials to build on through practical experience.

How do I become a Table Official?

Start your training to become a Table Official TODAY! Visit The LearningPool and see how you can help with table duties such as scoring and clock management at any level.

To become a qualified Table Official you need to complete the FREE online Competition Official course, ensure your club membership is current and submit your Working with Children and Vulnerable People number to your respective State Association.  Below is an overview of the steps involved to becoming a qualified table official.

The role of Accreditations

Accreditations and pre-requisite awards ensure that everyone on pool-deck is safe to be there! WPA, State Associations, clubs and officials have a duty of care to ensure that all individuals meet a minimum standard of compliance and safety for their own protection and that of the players.

Minimum accreditations also set a foundation to start building the capability and capacity of the skills within the sport; be that of players, coaches, referees, officials and administrators. The more knowledge shared, the stronger the sport.

Accreditations are progressively becoming mandatory at all levels of the sport, and you are encouraged to get in early to complete your requirements to avoid last minute problems.   


How do I complete, renew or advance my officiating qualifications?

The LearningPool provides officials, starting out, renewing or wanting to advance their qualifications, with a one-stop-shop.

Check out the LearningPool today for all you officiating needs.

To complete your course pre-requisites click here.