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Last year Water Polo Australia released its newly established National Competition Framework (NCF) and National Competitions Calendar (NCC), developed by the Competition Advisory Panel, that came into effect this year.

The Circular Calendar Model (CCM) shows the relationship between State, National and International competitions, with the Framework outlining the purpose and operating principles of each national event as well as how/if they contribute to State/National selection.

Aligning the National Competition Framework, WPQ have now developed a WPQ 3-5 Year Competitions & Events Calendar. This calendar will form an integral component of the soon to be delivered WPQ Competitions and Events Framework. This framework aligns with the 3-5 year calendar sets the long term strategy for State competitions and events and provides clarity and consistency for water polo participants across Queensland. The calendar will also assist families to better plan for competitions and events with certainty around dates and venues.

WPQ 3-5 Year Competitions & Events Calendar

Water Polo Australia National Calendar


Water Polo Australia Events

Across Australia there are thousands of water polo events held throughout the year from Club, State, National through to International events. 

There are plenty of quality competitions for participants of all ages and skill level to take part in through the Club based network and the State Associations. 

Water Polo Australia has a proud history of delivering world class events designed to support competitors through their athlete pathway.

Water Polo Australia's Competition Advisory Panel has establish the National Competition Framework (NCF) and National Competitions Calendar (NCC), that will come into effect in 2021.

National Water Polo Competition Calendar Information Pack

Circular Calendar Modal (CCM)

National Competition Calendar Framework Summary