National Strategic Framework 2020-2030

Water Polo Australia together with the State Associations, is pleased to present the National Strategic Framework 2020 - 2030 which unites the sport under a shared mission. The development of the National Strategic Framework (NSF) is a significant step for Water Polo in Australia. The commitment of the eight Boards and their management teams is to be acknowledged and commended. This framework unites water polo under a single Mission and Vision. Eight game plans have been moduled into one, the NSF and all eight players have valuable roles to play in order to achieve team success.

This NSF for Water Polo in Australia was developed following extensive member and stakeholder consultation at all levels of the sport. The oversight group in Queensland was the State Steering Committee.


Water Polo Queensland Operational Plan

The Board and staff of WPQ have now finalised the Water Polo Queensland (WPQ) Operational Plan for Water Polo in Queensland using the NSF as a guide to achieving alignment with strategic elements and priorities, whilst allowing a degree of customisation for some of the unique differences that we encounter in Queensland. Please take some time to review this document and if your Club or Association would like to use this framework as a guide to developing your own plans then please contact the WPQ Office and we can supply this to you in an editable format.

The WPQ Operational Plan currently runs through to June 2026, which is the first phase of the 10-year plan. This phase is focused on aligning the systems and frameworks within water polo to build capability and capacity at all levels and lay a strong foundation to deliver significant growth and development of the sport moving forward.