Brisbane Water Polo Association Inc. Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Brisbane Water Polo Association Inc is to be held on the 23rd August 2016 at Sports House Meeting Room.
Date: 23rd  August 2016
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Sports House Milton, 150 Caxton Street Milton Brisbane Queensland
  1. Attendance and apologies
  2. Approval of minutes from previous AGM 24th August 2016
  3. Presidents welcome, Financial reports – including auditors report
  4. Election of members of the Management Committee – all roles are up for re-election and seeking nominations
President – Mark Riksen – nominating for re-election
Junior Vice President – Matthew Singer – not seeking re-election
Senior Vice President – [VACANT]
Treasurer – Ian Megom – nominating for re-election
Secretary – Ian Quinn – nominating for re-election
Publicity Officer – Paul Lenarduzzi – nominating for re-election
Registrar – Steve Yule – nominating for re-election
Referee Co-ordinator – Dan Esparon – nominating for election
The BWPI would like to recognise and thank Isabella Anderson for all of her assistance this second half of the year and we look forward to a great new season.
Please send all nomination for positions to [email protected]
  1. Appointment of an auditor
  2. Close of Meeting
The AGM will be followed by an update on the 2017/2018 season and the refereeing strategy / progress by BWPI committee members
Attention is invited to the following: As we have a large number of members we are limiting attendance to 2 committee members from each club/school.
Dated:  31 July 2017
Ian Quinn – Secretary


Brisbane Water Polo Association Inc. Constitution