13 Queenslanders selected for All Australian Schools Teams

After a fantastic silver medal performance by Queensland Girls and Boys at the recent 2017 School Sport Australia Water Polo Championships in Noosa, 13 Queenslanders have been selected for the All Australian Water Polo team.

Following two close finals against NSW, the youngsters were named in the All Australian team shortly after the medal presentation ceremony. For Jack Gallagher and Abby Andrews, the call-up was unexpected. “It’s great, exhilarating and I wasn’t expecting it at all. It’s nice to be named, it’s always good to hear your name being called out.” said Jack. “Yeah, I think it’s really awesome to be playing with the best in the country, it’s really exciting. They’re such fun comps, I was in it last year and the year before and it’s really enjoyable.” added Abby. ¬†QLD girls captain, Sophie Milliken, was named Girls Tournament MVP, whilst Bjorn Galjaardt was named as Boys coach.

The teams will head off to Canberra in December to play in an international tournament. Congratulations to all our players and coaches who were selected. Check out the All Australian team below:

2017 School Sport Australia Teams
Boys State Girls State
Josh Andrews QLD Abby Andrews QLD
Harry Cranswick WA Charlize Andrews QLD
William Downes QLD Alex Byrnes NSW
Jack Gallagher QLD Lily Hawthorn ACT
James Gillfeather NSW Kate Hughes NSW
Kurt Harron QLD Jolie Marsden NSW
Matthew Humby NSW Sophie Milliken QLD
Daniel Kerr NSW Glenda Morgan WA
Mitch Robinson NSW Pip Nash ACT
Matthew Sharp NSW Maisie Newell QLD
Nicholas Taylor ACT Izzy Pamp NSW
Rielly Townsend QLD Carla Traplin NSW
Connor Wicks NSW Kasey Williams Dalziel QLD
Tom Culleton QLD (Reserve) Alessia Cerasani QLD (Reserve)
Jake Frazer ACT (Reserve) Charlotte Gates ACT (Reserve)
Dom Mackie QLD (Reserve) Eliza Limn NSW (Reserve)
Toby White WA (Reserve) Renee Rechichi WA (Reserve)
Tarrin Williams WA (Reserve) Tasmin Wooley NSW (Reserve)
Bjorn Galjaardt QLD – Coach Gemma Hadley WA – Coach