After three tough days of competition in Townsville, four teams have been selected to represent Queensland Country at the Australian Country Championships.

“The standard of play on display during the Queensland Country Champions was incredibly high. As a selector, alongside former Australian player and Queensland Hall of Famer, Debbie Powell, that made our job really difficult, which is a great position to be in.” said Mel Rippon, Head of Participation and Pathways.

The Queensland Maroon teams will be bolstered by numerous Australian Country Representatives including, Peta Schulte (Gold Coast) and Matt Brady (Townsville). “Our Queensland Black teams provide valuable opportunities for development in various ways for each region. We have four regional coaches and athletes gaining National Championships experience, something they may have had limited exposure to previously.” added Rippon.

Teams from across Australia, including the Australian Defence Force, will come together at the annual tournament, 23rd – 26th May in Rockhampton.

Australian Country Representation is also up for grabs, as athletes will be looking to impress throughout the weekend. “Both State and National Country Championships are highlights of the regional water polo calendar. This year we are at home and we hope the home crowd will lift our Queensland teams. It’s also a great opportunity for our athletes to put their hand up for the Australian Country team.” added Robert Donaghue, Chief Executive Officer, Water Polo Queensland.

The following athletes have been selected for Queensland Country:

Women Region Men Region
1 Courtney Van Putten Cairns Jesse O’Hara Cairns
2 Stacey Williams Gold Coast Luke Ingwersen Gold Coast
3 Caroline Zanussi Gold Coast Victor Bianco Gold Coast
4 Peta Schulte Gold Coast John Campbell Mackay
5 Jane Lawrence Gold Coast Jared Patterson Mackay
6 Sybilla Ingwersen Gold Coast Matt Wilson Mackay
7 Jacqui Lukis Gold Coast Dylan Coolican Sunshine Coast
8 Samantha Firrell Gold Coast Steele Gribble Sunshine Coast
9 Lillian Merlo Rockhampton Toby Coates Sunshine Coast
10 Matilda Moore Rockhampton Harrison Hill-Nolloth Sunshine Coast
11 Kaitlyn Hipgrave Rockhampton Trevor Southern Townsville
12 Tess Jenkins Townsville Jaret Grant Townsville
13 Ella Martinkovic Townsville Matt Brady Townsville
Head Coach Emma Hill Gold Coast Ian Moss Townsville
Women Region Men Region
1 Lee Zahner Cairns Sean Springs Cairns
2 Rachel Roberts Cairns Patrick Giles Cairns
3 Matilda Sweeny Gold Coast Robbie Stubbs Gold Coast
4 Mikayla Thomas Gold Coast Chris Waters Gold Coast
5 Alexandra Christie Gold Coast Brodie Gentle Gold Coast
6 Bailee Johns Gold Coast Sean Guiricin Gold Coast
7 Kylie McClusky Gold Coast Dylan Nicholson Gold Coast
8 Bella Trainor Gold Coast Matt Witheriff Gold Coast
9 Britany Childs Gold Coast James Anstey Sunshine Coast
10 Lily Kele Rockhampton Luke Krigovsky Sunshine Coast
11 Phoebe Liosatos Rockhampton Joseph O’Brien Sunshine Coast
12 Rechelle Kealley Townsville Mario Trainer Sunshine Coast
13 Elisabeth Collins Townsville Nathan Doble Rockhampton
Head Coach Emma Hill Gold Coast Ian Moss Townsville