Water Polo Queensland (WPQ) and Grand Final Technologies Australia (GFT) are delighted to announce an exclusive one-year partnership that will see athletes across the State introduced to an innovative core strength training program and training technologies.

As Official Core Strength Training Provider, GFT will provide access to the Pelleres Base Training program and Pelleres forearm weights that improve and develop athletes core strength, which is fundamental to water polo.

WPQ will also have the opportunity to work with the GFT team to develop an Aqua Pelleres range that will include products specifically designed for water polo players and their unique needs.

Water Polo Queensland Chief Executive Officer, Robert Donaghue said, “The partnership with GFT comes at the perfect time. We have athletes returning to training in preparation for the upcoming summer season which is a great opportunity to introduce Pelleres to clubs as part of their training sessions. This partnership enables us to upskill our coaches and help them provide specific training that improves their athlete’s core strength, which will, in turn, help them become stronger in the water.”

High-performance athletes will also have the opportunity to train with Pelleres and the aid is fast becoming a staple in the workout kit of athletes like Bronwen Knox.  Bronwen, who is aiming for her fourth Olympics, stated, “In water polo having good core strength is vital as we cannot rely on the ground to provide a base for our movement. We are often off balance when catching and throwing, so having a strong core enables us to right ourselves in the water and produce better results.”

The unique design of Pelleres allows for natural, unimpeded and dynamic actions, which allows athletes to use the aids during training game situations and improve their core strength at the same time.

Developed by track and field coach, Mepi Faoagali, to help runners increase their core engagement and in turn run faster, the products have gone on to become a must-have fitness product.

“We’re passionate about sharing what we know about our core, gone are days of 1000s of crunches. It’s activating our core in a smarter, more effective way that will improve strength, speed, and endurance whilst enhancing balance and flexibility. We’re delighted to be working with Water Polo Queensland to improve their athlete’s core strength and give them the winning edge.” said Mepi Faoagali, GFT Head of Production, Training & Education




Pelleres are known industry-wide for improving core strength and conditioning, speed and endurance, and enhancing balance and flexibility. They have an unprecedented reputation for building hand-eye coordination and fine-tuning motor skills for sport.

But on their own Pelleres are just wearable body weights specifically activating abdominal and core muscles. You have to engage your body in order to bring them to life! So, beyond our products, we offer a proven system of functional exercises, conscious activation, and intentional movement based on smart science that produces results.

“Train smarter” is the Pelleres approach that makes certain that when you wear your device you get everything you ever wanted – more bang for your buck, cutting-edge technology, a competitive advantage from your training tool Even more than that, you get an intelligent training method that transcends any piece of fitness equipment.